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Post by Admin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:32 am

Use the track pencil tool to create your track line. Use your computer mouse to click and drag on the game screen from the top left to the bottom right to create your track line. Although vehicles can only drive on the top, your track line has a top and a bottom surface. A red line indicates the bottom part of the track, and the black line indicates the top line of the track. Draw track floors from left to right, and track ceilings from right to left. Also, click on the start and finish flags and drag them to mark the start and finish of your track. Adjust the track acceleration and stickiness by clicking on the ‘Properties’ palette. Add various items to your track to boost your driving experience and make your track unique. There are different kinds of items, such as art shapes, track pieces or interactive objects, that you can add to your track. All objects can be moved onto the game screen by clicking on them. Some of the objects can be rotated or scaled if needed. Add goals, power-ups and hazards to your track by clicking on the Interactive objects. To delete the track, click on the eraser icon to rub out the track line. Click on Track pieces to add per-built track sections. To select a vehicle, click the ‘Vehicle’ palette. Press the ‘Play’ button using your computer mouse (or hit the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard) to start your playing session. Your vehicle may drive on its own by descending the hill or you may control it using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The vehicle must stop exactly at the finish line. To send your finished track to others, click on the ‘Share’ icon and enter the email address of the person you want to send it to.

UP key – accelerate; DOWN key – brake; LEFT / RIGHT key – tilt your vehicle; SPACEBAR key – jump; SHIFT key – change driving direction.

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